Products: boat hoists, slipway hoists, amphibious hoists, boat transporters, industrial hoists

Wise formed in 1972 to provide inovative solutions to specific materials handling problems.

The disciplines required to produce the solutions to customers problems led to the development of a range of handling equipment for the marine, boat building and industrial industries. At Wise we continually strive to further enhance our ability to provide innovative solutions to various handling situations.

Boat Hoists

20-800 Tonne Hoists

Amphibious Boat Hoists

Boat hoists adapted for slipway use

Slipway Hoists

Variable width hoists for slipway use

Trailer Hoists

Towed hoists for slipway use

Boat Transporters

Transport boats easily and increase space in your boatyard

Industrial Straddle Hoists

Rubber tired gantry cranes for the industrial sector

Machines For Sale

New, second hand and refurbished machines

Specialist Products

Custom solutions for unique handling